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Many kombuchas out there offer ginger flavors but most lack complexity and punch. Our black cherry ginger will smack your tongue in a deliciously respectful way with spice and a rich, balanced sweet twist.
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Perfect for a summer day, lemonade with a hint of lavender creates a deliciously refreshing experienceAs the first sip hits, you'll be transported past a world of pandemic protocols and mind-melting political babble, to a world of publicly acceptable self-love and flavortude.
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Here's a personal question for you. When's the last time you really got puckered? For those who enjoy a good sour beer or a tart cocktail, our cran-lime sour will contort your face in the very best way possible and have you wanting more.
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If you like complex-hitting flavors, then consider Blueberry Mint the Neil Peart of kombucha. This flavor blends ripe blueberries and fresh mint together for a mouthwatering spaz out.
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