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Our policy has always been: dropkick your mouth with flavor first, ask questions later. But when we did ask questions, people kept saying "Make more sour flavors." Our solution? Take the juicy burst of grape and zest it up with a spritz of lime to bring a medley to the masses.

Grape Sour.png

What do you get when you match the slurp of juicy mango with a kiss of spicy ginger? Sounds like you might be getting an after-school special. Or maybe you're getting a delicious kombucha with a tropical twist, sure to make you stay far away from the dangers of soda. This PSA is brought to you by the Face the Flavor Society. 

Mango Ginger.png

Our original summer refresher, lemonade with a hint of lavender creates a deliciously bright experience. As the first sip hits, you'll reminisce of the good ol' days returning home after a sesh to a pitcher of that sweet, sweet good stuff.

Lavender LemonadeV1 Vibrant.png

This isn't your grandma's peach tea. Does your grandma make peach tea? Doesn't matter. Our peach black tea flavor is quickly becoming a fan favorite with its subtle sweet crispness perfectly blended with the earthy, deep black tea notes. Love to your grandma.  

Peach Black Tea.png

This thirst quencher brings on the summer-time vibes with its fresh, juicy and vibrant citrus flavor with subtle herbal notes of basil. It’ll make you feel like you’re cruising the hills of the Amalfi Coast on a Vespa at the center of an Italian murder mystery. 

*Also available in caffeinated

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